Think the swing man can swing a club? Aaay-oh!

Jet Off to the Moon

If you can launch it 330-plus off the tee and could use an extra $125,000, get your golf groove down to Victory Park today for The Gatorade Tiger Moonshot Challenge.

Tiger Woods won’t be there. Nor John Daly. But Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry – seems a strange choice, but whatever – will hit the inaugural drive in a golf simulator designed to look like the surface of the moon.

The competition, which runs from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., will award the top male and female long hitters $1,000 and send them to New York for the June 11th finals and a chance for a $125,000 vacation. (Somewhere in here is a punch line about a rock and a hard place, but I can't quite find it.) Doesn’t say in the press release, but I’m doubting if the simulator re-enacts the moon’s abundant lack of gravity.

And, yeah, I got $5 that says this publicity whore shows up with a Sasquatch and smile. -- Richie Whitt


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