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"The Anti-Dittohead," by Sam Merten, September 4

Jett Wave

Hey, I'll listen. Good luck, Jack. If you're half as entertaining on radio as you are on your [] posts, I think you've got a pretty good shot.


Jack Jett

Joe, McKinney, via

Jett is very well-known in Canada and more recently in Amsterdam coffee houses. He is a great host for smart stoners and underground types. Funny and odd. Glad he is back in Dallas.

Carol Brookes, Fort Worth, via

"Buzz," by Patrick Williams, August 28

Don't Get Friendly

It is nice that you are claiming others are distorting some facts when you fail to completely address all what is known about the situation. It is known that [Barack] Obama has had at least one fund-raiser out of [William] Ayers' house. When asked about their relationship, Obama said they were friendly. What does that mean?

Part of being a moral person is choosing to spend time with moral people. I don't care what board it is, or how much political clout this guy carries. To overlook this flaw in character just because Ayers is well-connected is a big problem. What needs to be done is have someone unbiased look and address their relationship. All we get are agenda-driven reports. With Ayers and the history of Wright I get a picture of a "hate America" and "blame America first" attitude that I find very disturbing in a president. Do your job and address all parts of the story, not just those that support how you feel.

Jim, Dallas, via

"Toll You So," by Jim Schutze, September 4

Cynical? Ill-tempered? Us?

Although I agree with you that the toll road most likely won't get built (better than the alternative), I have to disagree with your views on the bridges. They clearly stated that the problem was resolved, and they are set on a price. I think you are being a little too critical. I know it's your job to be cynical and ill-tempered, but could you try to lighten up a little bit, for all our sakes? Plus, you are misleading in this article when you say only two bridges are funded for. There are lots of factors of this project already funded for, even things they have already started on like the Audubon Center and Moore Park. So could you for once please make it seem like you might want the project to succeed?

Kevin, via

"Stuck by DART," by Sam Merten, July 31

Busted by Buses

It's sad to see. My wife and I took DART to Fair Park in May for an art festival. Afterward, we stumbled out over construction debris because there was no safe place to walk. We had a DART schedule in hand. Twenty minutes after our bus was supposed to arrive, we gave up and grabbed a bite at the café. We couldn't believe on a Saturday evening there were only two other customers in what looked like it had been a happening place at one time. The waitress was gracious (and damn good-looking I might add...), and we had planned to come back, but it was apparent parking would be tough. We left to grab our bus, which even after 45 minutes at the same stop never arrived. The schedule was worthless.

Roman, Mesquite, via

"César Chávez, Texas," By Jim Schutze, August 28

King of Comedy

Jim Schutze, oh my God! I don't know how you do it. That piece—you know the one "César Chávez, Texas"—had me crying with laughter. How does a "serious journalist" instantly flip the switch and write comedy so adroitly? I mean it; that piece topped anything I've ever seen in Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican" column. I'll bet there are readers out there who didn't get it. They're probably thinking, "Yeah he's right; how about César Chávez, Texas?" How funny is that.?

Of course to make the case you had to connect the white-guy dots where, "lower its bar" equals "know their place." But what the hell? Nobody will defend a white guy pitted against a minority.

Jim, I for one would like to see more of your comical side. You do it so well. In fact I'm going back in the archives to re-read some of your older pieces. I think I probably mistook some of your comical stuff for reality. Probably a lot of it now that I think it over.

Ross Brocato, Garland


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