JFK Sat Here!

You can own the only ball ever signed by Monroe and DiMaggio--for about $100,000, give or take a small fortune.

Heritage Auction Galleries, the $500-million-a-year company that got rich selling history to anyone who could afford the price tag, is everywhere in the media today, after announcing that on June 7 it will sell the rocking chair that once belonged to President John F. Kennedy. Several dozen papers have picked up the Associated Press story announcing the acquisition and sale of the chair, which has been in the possession of Kennedy's valet George Thomas since the president's assassination. Speaking of, Heritage will also be selling off some docs dealing with Lee Harvey Oswald's autopsy (pretty sure he died of a bullet wound ). But if you want something a little less...uh...grim, Heritage is holding its sports auction Saturday, where the only baseball ever signed by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio is already up to $87,500 in online bidding, which puts it just out of my price range. --Robert Wilonsky

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