George P. Bush, throwing McCain a BBQ fund-raiser in Dallas next week

John McCain's Coming to Dallas to Soak Up BBQ Sauce With GOP Bread

John McCain hasn't allowed media into his fund-raisers, insisting he wants to protect his donors' privacy -- though, more likely, he also wants to protect John McCain's privacy. Barack Obama has also raised dough in private, but earlier this month granted access to a pool reporter for all fund-raising events. Over the weekend, McCain said he'd follow suit -- and just in time too, as a good Friend of Unfair Park fills our in-box this a.m. with news of McCain's travels to Dallas one week from today for two downtown Dallas money-makers.

First up on the agenda is a schmancy meet-and-greet at the Belo Mansion for the Dallas Finance Reception, where chairs are expected to give or raise a measly $57,000, which gets you a "private reception with photo opportunity, two tickets to private dinner [and] membership into RNC's Regent Program" and a subscription to D. Then, at 7 p.m., McCain will desecrate the site of my rehearsal dinner -- Sammy's Barbecue on Leonard Street -- for a "Texas Aviators" Finance Event, which will be chaired and likely attended by the likes of Tom Hicks Jr., Bob Lilly, Andrew Wyly and George P. Bush. Curious, though: Do they mean this Leslie Caron? 'Cause, she's, like, French. --Robert Wilonsky


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