Jonestown Coliseum: Affordable?

Jonestown Coliseum: Affordable?

By no means is it a steal. But perhaps a deal?

When the first Jonestown Coliseum ticket prices were announced last year, we all fainted via sticker shock: 4 lower-level seats on the 35-yard line - adding in $340 tickets, $75 parking and 30-year seat options - cost over $150,000.

But this morning: Numbers we can digest.

How about upper level sideline seats for $1,558 down and $1,298 per year? Parking and $10 beers are extra, of course.

Does this make the new stadium more attractive? Would my idea to call it Tom Landry Stadium for a year make it more attractive? Or does the Cowboys' ridiculous state of the union keep even the shiny new digs from being attractive?


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