Mark Graham

Kerry Max Cook, From Wrongly Imprisoned to Rightfully Nominated

In more Plano-based author news: Kerry Max Cook -- the innocent man imprisoned for 16 years for a horrific crime he didn't commit -- has been nominated for the Mystery Writers of America's prestigious Edgar Award, for his book Chasing Justice: My Story of Freeing Myself After Two Decades on Death Row for a Crime I Didn't Commit. Cook, who was profiled for the paper version of Unfair Park in 1999 by our new editor Mark Donald, is in great company in the Best Fact Crime category; among those nominated is Vincent Bugliosi for his mammoth book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, about which we wrote last year. Nominated in the Best Novel category: some nobody named Michael Chabon. --Robert Wilonsky


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