KZPS: Now the Best Radio Station Ever?

KZPS: Now the Best Radio Station Ever?

Dunno which is the bigger news: that Clear Channel-owned KZPS-FM (92.5) is going commercial-free, with a single sponsor paying for an hour's worth of broadcasting at a clip, or that the classic-rock mainstay is switching formats. Says here that KZPS has brought on four initial sponsors -- Southwest Airlines, AT&T, Coors Brewing and Guitar Center -- and that instead of hearing their ads, you'll now hear the station's jocks pimp their product during twixt-song chatter. As in, "Hey, I got ripped on Coors Light while taking a Southwest Airlines flight to Austin on Friday." Or something.

But the bigger news is this: Seems local radio legend Redbeard, ex of Q102, is making his return to local rock radio on KZPS -- which, as of today, is now known as Lone Star 92.5, as the station will ditch its classic-rock format and move to what it calls a "one of a kind amalgamation of Outlaw Country, Classic Rock and Alternative Country," and promises to play everything from Willie Nelson to ZZ Top. Which, I dunno, sounds...awesome? --Robert Wilonsky

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