Bill Ceverha's the mayor's new best friend, we guess because Tom DeLay won't return his calls.

Laura Miller and Bill Ceverha, Cutting Down a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Laura Miller, our tree-climbing mayor, is planning one of her mom-and-apple-pie press conferences Monday in Fretz Park under the heartwarming motto, “Sink the Petition/Save the Trinity.” It’s an effort to stamp out the petition drive for a referendum on the Trinity River Toll Road.

According to the e-mails I have seen, the organizer for this decidedly macabre version of the teddy bear’s picnic is Mayor Laura’s new best friend, Bill Ceverha, the bankrupt convicted law-breaker and buddy of disgraced former House Speaker Tom DeLay. Ceverha was last in the news for attempting to conceal, then having to reveal, a six-figure “gift” from Republican right-winger Bob Perry while serving on a state board.

Aren’t you just so glad you voted for Laura? --Jim Schutze


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