LBJ Has Been Taken By the Trafficpocalypse

It's a shame, really, that Dallas never got to know what 635 is like without massive amounts of construction and with those groundbreaking TEXpress lanes fully operational. Alas, the freeway has fallen, overtaken by a traffic phenomenon completely unknown to science.

NBC 5 producer Ashley Lowell Doussard is tweeting photos of the freeway's final moments:

Nikki Williams, an on-the-ground witness to the Trafficpocalypse -- judging by her email, she hasn't yet been raptured -- passes along these photos of the five car collision at Skillman she says caused the crash:

LBJ Has Been Taken By the TrafficpocalypseEXPAND
Nikki Willliams
LBJ Has Been Taken By the TrafficpocalypseEXPAND
Nikki Williams

Clearly, though, there are larger forces at work here than a single erratic driver. Central will be the next to go, then Stemmons. Abandoned cars will litter the freeways. Civilization as we know it will grind to a halt. Only the bicyclists will survive. Behold, the future:

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