LeBronadrama: You Watchin'?

LeBronadrama: You Watchin'?

In last month's NBA Draft, 60 players found new homes. In tonight's made-for-TV special, one player will announce his new team.

It's official: LeBron James is bigger than the NBA. Are you amped about The Decision?

You can actually bet on whether or not King James will put on a crown tonight.

Though Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is joking that he'll attend tonight's one-hour variety show on ESPN at 8, the odds of James announcing that he'll play for the Mavs (I'm calculating their chances at .0001%) are about on par with a Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren reconciliation.

I can't decide whether I admire LeBron for milking his moment, or hate him for acting as though he's won a ring or seven.

Either way, I'll be watching tonight. You?


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