Lennon's "Imagine" Piano About to Play ... NorthPark Center

I see our old pal and esteemed colleague Ann Zimmerman has a front-page piece in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal this morning about a particular piano we mentioned a few months back. Yup, it's John Lennon's instrument, the one upon which he wrote "Imagine" in 1971 whilst apparently smoking plenty of cigarettes, which would surely displease the Dallas city council to no end. As Ann notes, the instrument is on a yearlong tour of the United States -- "crisscrossing the country to show up at some of the nation's most horrific sites of violence, death and destruction," as evidenced by its November 22 appearance at the Grassy Knoll.

It is, of course, the property of Dallas gallery owner Kenny Goss and his significant other, some dude named George Michael -- the Goss-Michael Foundation, collectively. And it's not on the road at the moment, Ann notes: "The piano rests in the home Messrs. Goss and Michael share in Dallas. It is to be displayed this summer at a local mall." And, yes, that "local mall" is NorthPark Center, where it's expected to be installed this very month. Imagine. --Robert Wilonsky


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