Leppert Not Too Worried About Budget Crunch
Photos courtesy Lower Oak Lawn

Leppert Not Too Worried About Budget Crunch

Mayor Tom had busy morning: At 7:30 a.m. he dropped by the Annual North Dallas Chamber Membership Breakfast at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center, where he addressed the looming $131.1-million budget shortfall and said, hey, could be worse: "With all the challenges we have on the budget, there are many cities that would change positions with us sight unseen." Then he spoke about the budget crunch to the Dallas Business Journal: "I think we will have to find what services are not core to what we do." That process starts in earnest tomorrow.

Then it was off to the 10 a.m. ribbon-cutting for the opening of the Turtle Creek Plaza of the Trinity Strand Trail in the Design District. Kendall Shiffler at Lower Oak Lawn was kind enough to provide photos. After the jump, though, a curious snapshot of the mayor and Pauline Medrano worthy of a Caption Contest.

Leppert Not Too Worried About Budget Crunch


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