Let Him Rot

No excuse: It breaks my heart to think about what happened to Mr. Cunniff and what his daughters witnessed ("Gypsy Blood," by Sarah Hepola, July 28). There's positively no excuse. Chaddock can fucking rot.

Chad Armstrong

Via e-mail
A great human being: There must be, literally, at least a thousand people more intimately qualified to comment on the recent David Cunniff article in my favorite newspaper, but I have to speak up.

I appreciate your respect and concern for Mr. Chaddock's family, but "eligible for parole in 9 1/2 years" should be considered a godsend, considering the real people, real consequences and real actions involved. In my not so humble opinion, the one who gets the raw deal is the one who "does the time" without respect for themselves and others. We all "do time" whether crippled, healthy, blessed or challenged.

Mr. Chaddock's lawyer contends the "skinhead" label is irrelevant. I contend life's actions speak louder than ever in this case.

Though I only know Mr. Cunniff on a superficial level from chance neighborhood encounters and our kids' common school activities, I have never met a more affable, kind, good-guy human being than David Cunniff.

As a 54-year-old shy kinda guy, I have to say I've never met anyone who made me feel more at ease and positive about life than my occasional acquaintance David Cunniff. I could be in the most awkward, intimidating situation and this guy would just smile, not even knowing my name, but saying, "Hey, Josephine's dad"...it has to do with his heart, his intent. You just can't help but feel better in the man's presence.

Quite a contrast to the portrayal of an "ex" skinhead who may still have a few reservations about certain types of people but about whom his former girlfriend says, "He has a soft side." Is that the soft side that pounds on people?

I bet Cunniff was stickin' up for someone when the ass-kicking began. And I bet he never acted with malice or intent to hurt anyone.

What's up with Chaddock's M.O.? Oh, I know. It was an accident, just a common bar fight.

No it wasn't.

Name withheld


Can't stop: Damn good writing. Read all eight pages. Online, no less.

Jason Silverstein

Via e-mail

Payback: I have two unrelated observations about your articles "Gypsy Blood" and "Balls for Brains" (by Jim Schutze, July 14). First, there is something seriously wrong with our criminal justice system when a dangerous psychopath like Jesse Chaddock gets six years' deferred adjudication for savagely kicking a Hispanic man and stabbing a security guard, and an accountant from Dynegy gets 24 years for making accounting entries and Bernie Ebbers gets 35 years for capitalizing costs that should have been expensed. Second, people cheer Kenny Rogers because they don't view the cameraman, Rodriguez, as a guy doing his job but as one of those jerks that shoves his camera in the face of a grieving mother who's just seen her child run over by a truck or the sidekick of a TV reporter who asks the couple who's lost everything in an apartment fire some stupid question. Emotionally, it's viewed as payback for all those little people who can't afford to shove that intrusive camera and microphone out of the way. I bet even Jim Schutze has felt that way on occasion.

Robin Phelan


Justice, OK Style

Looking for a fair shake: Thank you for printing this story ("Oklahoma Railroad," by Glenna Whitley, July 21). Emily Dowdy is a very dear friend of mine, and it's about time the Oklahoma justice system gives her a fair shake. I certainly appreciate you taking the time and effort to research and publish her story.

Emily Pickett

Via e-mail

Worst paper in America: Thank you for your excellent reporting. The Daily Oklahoman would never allow a story of this type to reach its news pages.

John Parker

Oklahoma City

Haunted: This case has haunted me ever since I picked up Emily Dowdy at Love Field in a charter service vehicle and drove her to Hillsboro a couple of years ago. She was very open and told me her story. Since then, I've stayed informed about where she is in her long battle for justice. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Jack Thornton


Bum Note

Blame the victims: Sam, it's not the music scene that's slipping, it's the crowd that's slipping! We drove to Austin Saturday to see the North Mississippi Allstars/John Hiatt at Stubb's Bar-B-Q. The show was so packed you couldn't even get through the crowd to get another beer, and if you did make it out, there was no getting back to where you were. Saw the same show last night in Dallas...pathetic....maybe 1/20th of the crowd. Plenty of room in the Gypsy Tea Room to mill about. Maybe if shows started by 8 p.m. on a work night and perhaps started ON TIME! Just my two cents as a music lover.

Kathy Eisele



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