Pretentious? Nous?

All that jazz: The Observer shows cultural pretensions in the fact that its writers use the syntax and jargon of highfalutin literary criticism in their reviews of cultural products. However, this rarefied style sounds incongruous when used to evaluate three-chord rock CDs or concerts. Wilonsky and Co. apparently don't have the requisite taste, depth and varied interests in music to match their writing style. If you review "serious" movies, stage plays or visual arts events, why not extend your coverage to other substantive cultural artifacts out there, such as serious books or music (jazz, classical, folk, world or anything else in addition to pop, rock and hip-hop)? Your readership can and will take it.

Also, why not extend your geographical coverage to all of the metroplex, wherever valid products are offered? I'll mention just one example: UNT, with its jazz and classical scene, including KNTU, the only full-time, full-powered jazz station around here.

Name withheld by request

Shining Star

Crazy: "Mr Strait hasn't aged as well" ("Showdown," May 27, by Jay Webb).

Sir, you are out of your mind...

Compared with the other artists in your article, George Strait's music stands out like a shining star in the mishmash of tripe. Alan Jackson's love songs are not too mushy? Really? Could have fooled me. Guess I don't know "mushy." How about downright embarrassing? I can usually live with others' opinions, but when they are so blatantly stupid I have to just shake my head at them.

Delray Beach, Florida

Clueless: You surely didn't have a clue what you were writing about before you wrote this awful preview now did you? It is very tasteless and poorly written. All three men are class acts, and the ones who attend do so because they want to see classy men singing. Perhaps you have these guys and those who pay to see them perform confused with a bunch of dead-head rappers and their followers. How wrong! Perhaps in the future you should maybe consider going to the concert and listening before you write such an awful article. If not, get another job.

Donita Barlow
Abilene, Kansas

Plucked Eagle

this really sucks its like one of my kids has died i really feel like shit i dont know what to do that station was the world to me if i saw the person who did this i would well id rather not say i no there is nothing i can do but i i know i dont want this i want to die i only wish i could have just one day to listin just one more time but yeah im so for real this is the worst news i ever had to deal with even worse than 911 i mean that i dont know what to do with myself i love you cindy skull i will never forget u fuck

Eric Mckee

Editor's note: We usually clean up our correspondents' grammar before publication, but we thought this writer's style captured his thoughts perfectly. He's writing about the format change at 97.1 KEGL, the subject of last week's "Across the Bar" column by Sarah Hepola.

Better Sleep

I just read the letter from John Neill, Ferrell Weddington, etc., who wrote all these wonderful things about Vickery Meadow ("Tossed Out," May 13, by Glenna Whitley). I guess when you use these tactics on good people (the victims), you have to write this letter so you can sleep better. FLASH!!! I just got an idea: Treat people right (help these people relocate). Then you don't have to write a bullshit letter about how sorry you are, but how much better it's going to be! You just gave yourself away, morons.

Joe Bob

Hey, Mr. DJ

Thought the article ("On the Down Low," May 27, by Darren Keast) was great for the Dallas electronic music scene. There are many up-and-coming as well as established artists in the metroplex. I am a local DJ who has a good hold on the local Dallas scene, know many club/bar owners and would love to write a weekly/monthly article about the local producers and DJs. Rock bands are over-represented in a town where at least half the bars don't even have bands, and more and more lounges/bars/restaurants incorporate DJs as their entertainment.

John Fuller

Old Faithfuls

Keep on harpin': Nice to see that things never change in Dallas. Your crappy paper still harps and harps about how great some bands are and speaks nary a word of others. Everybody knows your writers are as dependable as the free drinks and comp tickets they have come to expect for their pop-tart band reviews.

Peter Coates
New York City

The Long Haul

Get well soon: I wrote Claptrap (Stage capsule reviews, May 20), and while I am always grateful for any production and to the talented people who put it on, the optimum running time should be no more than two hours, and that includes intermission. Two hours and 10 minutes is flirting with danger; 2:40 might be the new world record. I can only wish you a speedy recovery.

My very best wishes to you and the brave but tired cast.

Ken Friedman
Via e-mail


I just read an article from your newspaper on the Net ("Out & About, October 23, by Maya Singer) about the outrageously raw and talented duo The Black Keys from Akron, Ohio. Your writer was dead on in her assessment of them. Being from their home state, I've been able to catch their live shows a few times. They are all about the music and completely awesome! Catch them if you can. You won't be disappointed!

Gregg Rodgers
Via e-mail

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