My Daughter's Guitar

How about my daughter next time: I was amazed to see a familiar guitar on a familiar stage on the cover of your May 13 issue ("20 Bands 7 Days"). The guitar is that of my daughter, Maren Morris, and the stage is Poor David's Pub.

Equally amazing was seeing a favorable review of her performance that night at the songwriters' competition. Although she's Tarrant County-based, the FW Weekly hasn't seen fit to publish anything about Maren yet, although she gigs frequently throughout the area. I'm pleased Sarah Hepola seems to recognize what Maren's fans and fellow artists already know--she's got soul and talent despite her limited years. What's next, a photo of her?

Scott Morris
Grand Prairie

More, more, more: Sarah Hepola captures the magic of seeing and hearing relative unknowns better than anyone I have read claiming or attempting to do the same. What a fresh voice from such a seasoned writer! I am a new Sarah Hepola fan! Not her biggest fan, though, as that implies stalker qualities!

I searched the Dallas Observer archives and realized I had read two or three of Sarah Hepola's previous articles, namely her piece on the Burden Brothers ("Beasts of Burden," December 18) and SXSW ("Please Kill Me," March 25). I read several of her other columns and was most moved by her coming-out as music editor piece, "Welcome to the Jungle," December 4. Another example of her clear insight into Dallas (Fort Worth!) music and the roles we all play in it.

Looking forward to years more of writing like this! Can't wait for the book!

Jim Beseau

Good to see you out: Sarah, what you said about my music was a perfect description. Thank you for the mention, and I am happy that you enjoyed what I do. I hope to see you out again!

Rahim Quazi

You and me and empty chairs: We really appreciate you battling the weather to come see us. We were not real happy with that afternoon ourselves, as it is hard to play to empty chairs. We had played earlier that day to a more receptive audience in Denton, which gave us an invite to a rock rally in July. Thanks again for the article and your time.

Paul Pruitt
Fort Worth

Editor's note: Mr. Pruitt is a member of Second-Hand Soul.

Little Ethiopia

Third World Dallas: Unfortunately, your sympathy for these people is not shared by most responsible property owners in Vickery ("Tossed Out," by Glenna Whitley, May 13). These "colorful" people you write about have turned my area into a Third World country. The demolition of the Villas is certainly welcomed by the responsible members of our community who see it as the first positive attempt by the city to improve the neighborhood and quality of life for the residents. Maybe they should have been given more notice, but thank God that slum called the Villas is history.

Calie Stephens

Help them relocate: I totally agree that the fault lies with the previous owners of the property. During negotiations, contact should have been made with the tenants. It is normal business etiquette. Let one of the larger Caucasian tenants be moved like this, and you would have demonstrations. The diverse cultures that make up Dallas can be harmonious as long as the government stops looking at just the bottom line of how much money they can gain. Let's stop the nonsense of building a new stadium and use the money to help these people to relocate. THAT makes sense to me. I do agree schools are important, but so is the livelihood that makes schooling possible for the children involved.

Circe Vogel

Full circle: One additional fact concerning Glenna Whitley's story: Ironically, the DISD just bought back a site for a school that it sold around 1972! The Vickery Villas sits on the former site of Vickery School, which was closed in 1971 and was sold by the DISD as being surplus property since there was low enrollment in the area.

Bob Johnston


Hounds of downtown: My goodness, Jim, are you getting temporarily mellow? Really nice downtown dog story ("Dogtown," by Jim Schutze, May 6). Thanks!

Barbara Matthews Blanton

Urban critterology: Great piece of writing, and a fun read...although everyone will now be e-mailing you their urban critterology testimonials.

Signed: Stressed-but-proud owner of a goofy 10-month-old pitbullshepharador poundhound.

Jody Dean


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