Bad Vibrations

Takes the cake: The cover story of your April 8 issue is very tasteless and not funny ("Sex Toy Story," by Glenna Whitley, April 8). While I am no prude, I think that your picture on the cover with Joanne Webb giggling and holding a cake with a dildo stuck in it--pardon the expression--takes the cake. I know that your publication is racy with the personals and ads you publish, but come on--this could have at least been put inside the issue so that you don't have this staring at you where someone such as a child can see it.

Edwin Earl

Satisfied reader: "The pressure built slowly, then climaxed in a paroxysm of blame..."

Glenna, I am seeing you in a whole new light!

Tracy Rowlett

Throw the bums out: I was amused and shocked by the story of Joanne Webb. I cannot believe a judge in his right mind would not throw out an obviously unconstitutional case. I hope the judge, the police chief, the county attorney and the city councilman all get thrown out of office at election time. I am moving to Burleson just so I can drag the town kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

William Branch
Fort Worth

Respect the children: I have been a faithful reader of the Dallas Observer, but the April 8 article is disgusting and should be placed in the trash. This is so embarrassing--I was in a Wal-Mart store, and among the book racks I noticed there were two small children looking at the magazine and laughing. I was outraged to see such a lewd, sick person holding a birthday cake and looking surprised at a dildo in the cake. Shame on you, Joanne Webb. Don't our children see too much? And isn't sex exploited enough? If you don't respect yourself, please respect the children.

Darnell Cole

Just good folks: I have been a very good friend of Joanne and Chris Webb since moving to Burleson almost five years ago. They are wonderful people who give much to their community, friends and family. This is by far the best story that has been done on the Webb family's situation. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce such a well-done article!

Suzanne Bradshaw

Happy Alamo

All that ends well: Please fire Mr. Wilonsky. It seems that he almost cannot write a review of a movie without giving away the ending ("Messin' With Texas," April 8).

Short of firing him, please edit his reviews so that moviegoers will be allowed the pleasure of learning a movie's twists in the theater.

I don't know. Is the market for movie critics really that slim? If so, get this guy under a tighter grip and give us some reviews that follow a few basic guidelines.

John Ferguson

Max + Me Forever

Whine-o: Sarah: Your so-called "long road" that began only a short 5 1/2 months ago is a road you clearly have taken while carrying a big huge block on your shoulder. Your article is pure evidence of a woman acting under duress. But why make us suffer along with you? ("Behind the Music Awards," by Sarah Hepola, April 8.)

I now couldn't care less about the Dallas Observer's judgment of the "best." However, I vote you the worst "effing awards show doer!" Effing awards show being your words, not mine.

I fully admit that I, too, am in the group of people who disagree with the nominations. Being an avid music lover who has more years than you of listening to Texas music, I am astonished by the nominees, because I would not know half of them if I fell over them. And believe me when I say I like all kinds of music and am usually not so uninformed. So my question was who are these people? I looked up some of them on the Internet. Still, I was clueless to how 50 percent (not all!) were nominated.

With all that being said, I will explain my passionate dislike of this so-called awards show you reluctantly "did." First off, you state in your article that Max Stalling "could have been a contender." Who gave you the carte blanche to declare who is a contender for anything? You are not the judge and jury of who is the best songwriter or best musician of the year!

Well, let me be the judge for a minute. You are not a critic, you are a complainer! I've looked up some of your other articles, and it seems you enjoy being a whine-o! Also, I do not appreciate how you insinuate that Max Stalling is a cheat. I happen to know Max. Max is a highly educated and very honest, sweet man trying his best to play his music as best as he can, and his fans love him!

I tell you what I do believe--I believe that you did pick out the nominees hugging a bottle of Goldschlager! Eenie, minie is probably your best option for trying to pick out good music. If I was Max Stalling, Jibe or Envoy, I would be demanding an apology!

Why don't you just stick to your complaining job and leave the awards nominating job to someone who knows about music? I know you hated taking this assignment, and you know what? I HATE THAT YOU TOOK IT, TOO! I WANT MY HONEST VOTE TO COUNT, AND NOW IT WON'T. I VOTED FOR MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HONESTLY AND WITH ALL MY HEART I BELIEVE HE SHOULD WIN, BUT I GUESS THE OBSERVER AWARDS ARE NOT ABOUT WHAT I BELIEVE OR WANT OR WHO I VOTE FOR!

Gina Smith

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