Funny Guys in Fezzes

Refusing care is not the answer: I cannot believe the naïveté that Jim Schutze displayed with the article on Ron Anderson and the Parkland hospital issues with Cynthia Comparin ("Die, Poor People, Die!, April 22). If Dr. Anderson had been the one turning people out at the door because they didn't live in Dallas County or didn't have medical insurance, then he would be labeled a racist and an elitist. He would be categorized along with all of the other physicians who are crying foul at the insurance providers who don't want to pay the rising cost of medical care in our country. The Hispanic community would be up in arms because of the inability of so many undocumented workers to receive adequate medical care. Instead, here is a man who is trying his best to provide medical care without prejudice. According to your article, he has been trying to get legislation enacted to deal with out-of-county compensation. Parkland hospital provides a level of care that has ranked it among the top hospitals and trauma centers in the nation. The burn center provides regional care for burn victims all over the state and has national prominence. Turning people away is not the answer and puts the hospital, the doctors and the rest of the medical staff at risk for negligence. You are asking that these people put their medical licenses on the line when they turn someone away, regardless of where they are from.

Doing away with indigent care or turning people away at the doors for lack of financial responsibility is not the answer. It seems that rather than fight against Dr. Anderson, the board should be trying to garner political support to get legislation enacted to accomplish out-of-county subsidy for out-of-county patients.

And, by the way, those guys in the fezzes that you make fun of, go to the Shriners hospital if you want to see how to run a medical facility. There are children who would die if not for the free medical care they receive at Shriners. I think you owe them an apology.

Steven D. Coffman

Hippity-hop Music

Consult the hip-hop heads: I am commenting on your Hip-Hop/Rap award for this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards (April 15). Can you please tell me how you decided that Dot Matrix was the best rap/hip-hop group? That band is not a hip-hop band. When you are looking for a legit hip-hop artist, I think you should do more research. There are some truly hip-hop groups out here that are doing major things like the DOT, but they are hip-hop artists and not an alternative band riding the hip-hop wave to get noticed. You only had two legit hip-hop artists on your ballot, the D.O.C. and Legendary Fritz. I think that was a slap in the face to one of the pioneers in rap and hip-hop (DOC) and to Fritz as well. Next time get a real hip-hop head to nominate your hip-hop and rap category.

Tim Webb

Sex Toys "R" Us

Hypocritical religious nuts: I just wanted to thank Glenna Whitley for the awesome story about Joanne Webb ("Sex Toy Story," April 8). I have lived in Burleson for most of my 36 years, and she hit the nail right on the head with this story. This town is so full of hypocritical religious nuts that it's almost laughable. I don't know Joanne personally, but both my wife and I are very proud of her stance against the blowhards at the chamber and the religious leaders who will take you down in a heartbeat if they don't like the way you choose to live your life. I have never been a member of any church in Burleson, and let me tell you, I get a lot of crap from people who know this. I coach Little League football and baseball in Burleson and even have coached Gloria Gillaspie's grandson, and I fear all the time that people will shun me because of my beliefs. Once again, I loved this article, and to Chris and Joanne: Hang in there, and I would give you my support in any way I could.

Scott Robinson

Telling bit of evidence: Thank you for Patrick Williams' follow-up item ("Don't Mean a Thing," Buzz, April 14) exposing one of the sex-toy salesmen lionized in "Sex Toy Story." Using objects and machinery to manipulate the genitals separates people from each other and divorces sex from intimacy. This telling bit of evidence completes the picture.

Tempting sad and sexually disconnected people with sexual deviance is little short of hateful. It denies their potential as fully functional sexual beings who need healing, not further separation.

Finally, with reference to the original story's subhead, if a dildo is a good thing, why does the Dallas Observer use it as a pejorative for a person?

Michael Smith

He who is without sin: Your article on Burleson and sex toys was great! I can only speak anonymously as my family members still reside there and know MANY of the powermongers well. I moved away from Burleson in 1984 and haven't returned since, but I live in Johnson County. I know Burleson has its share of hypocrites. Like Jesus said, "Let those without sin cast the first stone." Your comments on racism are dead-on, and I wish someone would investigate that story.

My wife and I currently are selling our place and will be relocating to another town out of state, where people have more important things to worry about, know how to paint their homes and mow their yards!

Via e-mail

Leave the smut inside: I am by no means a prude; however, I am offended by the cover picture! I first spotted the cover at La Madeleine in Grapevine, then noticed it at several stores. This magazine is always at a child's-eye level. It would seem to me that a more appropriate picture could have and should have been selected for the cover. Leave the smut inside, where it belongs. No parent should be forced to explain this "adult toy" while out to dinner with their child!

Michelle Rush
Via e-mail


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