I'll Fly Away

Salute to the dead seagull: First, I would like to commend the Dallas Observer for its existence in my world. I am a recent Hispanic graduate from the Dallas Independent School District now attending Southern Methodist University. The Observer has long been my publication of choice from back in my newspaper days in high school. The Observer has an overall mass appeal across the board--from story content to advertisements, etc. Simply put, I love the variety and liberal-savvy sense of style from writers such as Mr. Jim Schutze. I've been aware of the segregation suit pending in DISD ("Segregation Forever," May 15) ever since I was assigned to cover a story on Dr. Mike Moses when he first took the helm of what I thought to be a dead seagull floating in the oil spill which is DISD--excuse me, which once was. I do not think I will ever cease to be haunted by my traverse through the hopeless void DISD was for me until Dr. Moses came. I have two siblings making their way through the public school system of Dallas--may the gods of public schooling have mercy on their souls and bless the rest of their academic careers as they did me for at least my last few years in high school. "Thank goodness young people have no respect for the rules...thank goodness for teachers, the ultimate seditionists..." Mr. Schutze put in words what I pray for every day when I think of my younger siblings. As my fellow colleagues would say: "That was one kick-ass article!"

Wings spread full span...

Omar Morales

Cutthroat Club Land

Fast, cool and incorrect: Mark Stuertz did a pretty good job capturing the nature of Club Land in his recent article ("Kings of Clubs," May 1); however, if you guys want to be contenders in the literary jungle, hire some fact-checkers. While Matthew Mabel is a talented and insightful consultant, he was never a partner in any of my restaurants or clubs in the '80s, but was later made a partner in my Fast and Cool club on Greenville. If he had been a partner, maybe they would all still be open today!

It is important for Stuertz to follow up this article in a year or two...my bet is that Tristan will still be standing and the others will be dead or dying. In Club Land they eat their young.

Shannon Wynne
President, 8.0 Management Inc.
Editor's note: See the correction below.

Excitable No More

Zevon's genius: I enjoyed your Warren Zevon article ("Reconsider Him," by Robert Wilonsky, May 8). It pinpointed the depth of his talent and genius and made clear the high esteem in which you hold the man and his work, as I do, too. So thanks for expressing yourself so eloquently on behalf of those of us who love Warren, and maybe waking up some of those who have traditionally discarded his genius as something else. "Mohammed's Radio" sounds like it was written by a time traveler, too.

John Wilday
Fort Collins, Colorado

Best career move: I just enjoyed your excellent piece on Warren Zevon. Nice to read such things by someone who "gets it." I have a fantasy that on Zevon's headstone will be: "Oh, NOW you buy my records!" Thanks again!

Via e-mail

Ride to the Hall: Beautiful, perfect; a magnificent tribute and oh so true. Here's hoping that Warren gets to read it himself.

Hey, how about making a plea to get Mr. Zevon into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before his ride ends here? There is a petition going around for that very purpose. What do you think?

Terri Stevens
Wahiawa, Hawaii

Our Juicy Friends

Just traveling nomad tricksters: Beloved friends, love. The impression left from your news item saying I teach people to "hold court" forever (Night & Day, by Merritt Martin, April 17) may have left the wrong impression of who we are and what we do. We DO NOT teach people to have sex of any kind or any length of time.

We are traveling nomad tricksters...husband and wife, supporting spiritual enlightenment. In Russia we were called "the bringers of ecstasy."

We seek to shine a new light of love where we connect to universal oneness, to that which many have identified as God. We are not religious; rather, we deliver spiritual nectar to bring the love to any endeavor or religion. We are simply fun-loving awakeners.

Come taste us. We welcome a tantric party, one in which those present feel divinity, love and childlike innocence. We feel more macho energy here in Dallas than we have felt anywhere in the U.S.A. where we have traveled so far. Dhiraja and I are very sensitive.

We enjoyed our visit and trust you enjoyed the sweets. You were all very juicy.

We love you, Dallas Observer!
Swami Nostradamus Virato
Ma Deva Dhiraja
Asheville, North Carolina

Correction In the May 1 cover story, Kings of Clubs, the Dallas Observer incorrectly identified Matthew Mabel as a partner with Shannon Wynne in his club 8.0. While Mabel was involved in the operation of Wynnes clubs, including 8.0, he was not made a partner until Wynne opened the Fast and Cool club on Greenville Avenue in the mid-1980s. We apologize for the error.


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