Throw the Bums Out

Fix the sidewalks or else: Jim Schutze's recent article ("Jilted," January 29) on the allocation of funds in the Owenwood neighborhood gives us an excellent example of how we can put democracy in action here in our very own city. The residents of this neighborhood were told that 120 grand would be used however they wanted. The residents agreed that the money needed to be spent on roads. They were ignored by the very man they elected to represent them. City and state elections are where we the people have the real power. Come next election, the residents of this district need to go to the polls and vote out the representative who ignored their wishes. We are given certain powers as a people of this country. We must exercise those powers and let the officials know how we feel. The only way to really make a point is at the polling place. If John Loza faces the choice of either losing his job or repairing sidewalks, which would he choose?

Allison Wilhite

Bitter Pill

Taking a stand: First of all, let me say that even though I do not know all the facts surrounding the victim's rape (Buzz, by Patrick Williams, January 29), that is always a terrible, violating thing for a woman to go through and definitely something I cannot pretend to understand. However, if women have the legal choice to terminate a pregnancy (brought about by consent or rape), why shouldn't the pharmacists in question have the same choice to exercise their right not to fill it? With all the pharmacies in the area, certainly the man could have gotten it filled (and did) from someone whose morals were not compromised in doing so. Why should the pharmacists that are pro-life be discriminated against because they do not believe in abortion under any circumstance? Why is the woman the only person who has rights? And I am a woman. It just seems today that anything goes, and why are people who make a stand about something that makes them uncomfortable, especially Christians, labeled as fanatics?

My heart goes out to the poor woman who was the victim in this situation. I hope that she not only recovers physically but that her heart also will heal over time.

Ashley Carroll

Walgreens' lucky day: I am so grateful that this article was printed. I live in Denton, and Walgreens now has a customer for LIFE.

Meredith Blair

Accept it and move on: I think I understand the frustration of the person attempting to fill the prescription, but I can also equally understand the situation of the pharmacists. I am not opposed to the "morning after" pill, especially in cases of rape. Do you feel it's unreasonable, though, for someone to be critical and condescending of another who has a certain moral or ethical belief and will hold to it? Especially when an alternative is available across the street? From what I read in Mr. Williams' article, it didn't seem as if the pharmacists were accusatory or condescending but were professional in explaining their stance. If another option such as Walgreens is available, accept it and move on. Don't use this as an excuse to attack a religious or moral belief you're obviously already biased against.

Jeremy Conrad

Make 'em pay: So, the best the powers-that-be can do is to "advise the pharmacists of the law" that they are obligated to fill a physician's handwritten prescription? Conservatives in America can twist just about any law they want and get a slap on the wrist. I say, after revoking their licenses, fine the three pharmacists the cost of raising a child to the age of 18 and then tack on a four-year degree from a state university including books, meals, lab and dorm fees. Face your consequences and be responsible for your decisions.

Kelly Tomlinson

Ought to be a law: I am outraged that the pharmacist would refuse to fill the prescription. I certainly hope that charges are filed against the pharmacist in question.

Lisa Purdy
Cedar Hill

The Glass Is Half-Empty

Lost a customer: Thank you for listing the bars that use the services of BEVINCO ("Drink Cop," by Zac Crain, January 22). Now I know to stay away from Obzeet, C.J.'s, The End Zone, etc. When I'm drinking at a bar and running up a hefty tab, I like to get a "comp" once in a while. This also helps the bartender get a bigger tip. If I know there is a zero chance of getting a comp, I won't visit that establishment. Obzeet may have saved themselves a shot, but they've lost a customer.

Daniel Baugh

To the last drop: This guy may stop theft, and that is a good thing; however, he also stops the heavy pour for a solid customer, and that is a very bad thing from the customer loyalty angle. Hell, just get a metered well, and every shot will be accounted for just like in every airport shit-hole bar. If Norm and Cliff paid for all they were served, there would have been no Cheers.

Ken Pickens


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