All Guts, No Glory

Degenerates like you: This kind of nonsense is why the Dallas Observer is and always will be free ("God Awful," by Robert Wilonsky, February 26). No one but the degenerates who pay for advertising on your paper would ever pay for the publication.

Mike Frazer

The best: Thank you for the review. It's the best I've read or heard so far.

Maynard Hurlbut
Cottage Hills, Illinois

Haters' club: The fact the you open the article "This Jew..." should have been enough of a red flag for me to recognize the defensive posture with which you viewed the film and immediately disregard the review. However, I read on hoping to find some bit of objective, journalistic integrity that could inform me of the quality of the film, artistic value, etc. Unfortunately, that never happened, and I only know that the movie is too violent (how'd you feel about Braveheart?) and did not go far enough in vilifying Pontius Pilate (by the way, the Romans were crucifying everyone--not just Jews). In other reviews, are you always Jew first, then critic? Previous Jesus films have focused on a variety of topics relating to Christ's life. Why is it negative that this one focused on the crucifixion? By the way--crucifixion was a brutal, horrific, process. Why shouldn't it be recounted accurately? Oh yeah, weren't the Jews in that region at that time fairly dark people?

Why don't you just state your real problem with the film? As a Jew, you were so guilt-ridden by seeing what Jesus was put through that you couldn't watch the movie without feeling that someone must surely be pointing a finger directly at you. Guess what? They weren't! It wasn't personal. Jesus was a Jew! If there is a new wave of anti-Semitism, it will be because of Jews like you. Tell me, what'd you think of Schindler's List? I'm just wondering if you're capable of objectivity in your review or if this is a freak occurrence.

Jennine Lunceford-Ebron

For us heathens: Finally, a review of this movie that I can read all the way through! I cannot believe how people are signing up to attend this movie as an evangelistic tool for churches. Well, yes I can--it just disgusts me when newspapers all over the U.S.A. are running front-page stores of weeping Americans who have just witnessed this crap. Thanks for your view of this movie, and thanks to the Dallas Observer for sharing it with the rest of us heathens who have no intention of attending Lethal Weapon 6.

Karoletha Stone
Longview, Texas

Shalom: After reading your article, I want to inform you of my personal involvement in the death and suffering of Jesus (Yeshua), the Christ and my Lord and savior. You see, it was my sins that he willingly bore as he hung upon that cross. His suffering was substituted for mine. This is the entire redemption plan of God the Almighty. Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, would be born to take the sin of the world upon himself and to demonstrate his sacrificial love for his creation--thus restoring the relationship between God and man that had been lost because of sin.

The blood of Jesus cleanses us and justifies us to become children of God. There are 2 chapters in the book of Hebrews I'd like to encourage you to read, they are 11 and 12. I will close with one of the passages from Hebrews 12:2-4 and pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. "Keep your eyes on Jesus, our leader and instructor. He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy he knew would be his afterward; and now he sits in the place of honor by the throne of God. If you want to keep from becoming fainthearted and weary, think about his patience as sinful men did such terrible things to him. After all, you have never yet struggled against sin and temptation until you sweat great drops of blood."

This same Jesus can be praised today because he defeated death by coming back to life. He wants all people to call upon his name and believe that he is the Son of God, the Messiah! Shalom!

Kathy Clark
Via e-mail

Stick with film: Your story started off so accurately in that there are two types of audiences, etc. I agree with this, and that's where you should have ended your review. I thought you were going to review the film, not the theology of Christ. If you don't like the message, leave it alone and review the movie. Understand it's a faith that you are criticizing, not a film made by a man. Christians are not appalled by this film--those that don't subscribe to Christianity are. I must ask you, did you simply read the four gospels without thinking or contemplating the ultimate message? It saddens me that such hatred and disrespect by you and other journalists has been a popular theme in recent weeks. May your next review be about film, something you might understand.

Matt Elmore

Satan and the midget: I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your review of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. After doing the necessary research, your comments on the film couldn't be more succinct.

After seeing the film, I couldn't help but wonder, "what's the big deal here?" The film brings nothing new to the gospels other than intense and brutal gore and violence. No insight into the life of Christ or provocative interpretation exists as I thought it would.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the review. As a film fan as well as a wide reader of reviews from different publications, it is always nice to find a fine review.

I also appreciated the quip about Satan carrying the midget...it merited a hearty laugh. What about Satan screaming on his knees at the close of the film in what I can only assume to be Gibson's version of hell? I am still searching for the purpose in that. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

John Simpson
Potomac, Maryland


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