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Respect for NPs: It is only now that I have found the time to peruse your Best of Dallas issue (September 25) and was quite surprised to find such a rude, backhanded comment about nurse practitioners on page 139 in your Best Young Doctor pick. (Please do not in any way think that I am about to start doctor-bashing, either.) Your blurb seems to suggest that NPs are second-rate health-care providers to whom unconcerned and harried physicians delegate their responsibility so they can make their tee time. Fortunately, most of us health-care professionals, whether we are nurses, physicians or physician assistants, work collaboratively to provide those under our care with the best health care allowed under a collapsing health-care infrastructure.

It is important for your readers to know that research has demonstrated time and again that midlevel health-care providers, like NPs, provide high-quality, cost-effective and in some cases better care then their physician counterparts. A 2000 Journal of the American Medical Association study indicates that patients treated either by NPs or physicians reported the same level of satisfaction and had the same health outcomes. Nurse practitioners were better at treating high blood pressure, diabetes and inner ear infections than physicians in a 1995 Nursing Research study. I assure you that the list of positive studies goes on and on.

Most folks who have had an opportunity to see NPs as patients will agree that it was a positive encounter, their needs were met and they received more than the "obligatory two-minute head-nodding."

Genevieve Hofmann, RNC, MSN, WHNP

Say Wat?: I was surprised to see Dawat restaurant as one of the best Indian restaurants in Dallas. Myself and many Indians in Dallas would strongly disagree with this. Just goes to show that the selection was made by a person who knows nothing about Indian food. The so-called Indian food at Dawat is tasteless and oily, and the waitstaff isn't knowledgeable.

Doak Been


On the road again: After reading your fantastic "Best of" issue in which you named Dallas Bike Taxi the Best Joy Ride, I was disappointed when I went to their Web site to learn that the place had relocated--to Austin. Oh well, really looking forward to checking out all your other cool recommendations.

Terri Rimmer
Fort Worth

Good Thai, bad Thai: I recently read the Best of Dallas issue and decided to take the Dallas Observer's usually stellar advice and try River Spice, the pick for Best Thai Restaurant. To my dismay, it was absolutely nothing like the praises the Observer gave it. Is this pick based on the quality of service as well as the quality of the food? If the service was a deciding factor, you certainly would have made a more appropriate pick.

On this slow Friday evening, there were three servers and one manager on the floor. However, we received horrible service. Sonic's car hops are better servers! After an argument (in front of us) over who was serving our table, our waitress took our order, brought our food and delivered the check. That was it! We flagged her down for drink refills after she had passed our table four times. We counted five empty drinks around us and several tables that had not seen a waitress since we arrived. My pad Thai, which I ordered spicy, arrived exactly the opposite, bland. The experience was less than pleasant, and poor service in a tiny, less-than-busy restaurant is unacceptable. Even after the $25 comp, this reader will not return.

If you want to enjoy flawless service and impeccable food, I highly suggest making the trek to Plano and trying the highly underrated Mango Thai Cuisine in Plano. This should be your winner! Mango will continue to receive my repeat business, as I have never had a bad experience there. Try it for yourself. I am sure you will agree!

Erin Kohler

Bunch of philistines: I found it odd that in trying to credit The Labyrinth in your Best of Dallas issue, your writers felt the need to slam Shake Rag. For one thing, John's music shop is not next door to The Labyrinth, my house is, and furthermore, I do not appreciate you calling my house or John's shop an "eyesore." As far as his shop being overpriced, obviously you are a bunch of philistines who cannot appreciate the unique things that Shake Rag has to offer. Maybe the EZ Pawn on Greenville is more up your alley. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but then again, the classic Observer style has always been to slander others for the "betterment" of your paper.

Maria Fisher

Six-Man Football

Pure sport: Having lived in a small Texas town, I can appreciate the community importance and fun of Friday-night football ("Friday Night Lite," by Carlton Stowers, September 25). Bringing the focus of six-man football into the city, The Dallas Academy, a small private school on the shores of White Rock Lake, shares in that enthusiasm. Last season, this team went to the six-man football state semifinals in Jonesboro. With caravans to games and tailgate parties in stadium parking lots, six-man football for this urban private school is just as much fun for the students and parents as it is for any rural school.

Kathy Snyder

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