Our own man
Thank you for writing an article that was not only refreshing, but also exciting ["His own man," May 29].
I agree with you: DISD has a breath of young, fresh ATTITUDE--an attitude found in Ron Price that will, I'm confident, breathe "new life" into the DISD's resolve in solving "student" issues.

A positive and effective voice has been heard in the election of Price, and positive outcomes are sure to make their way back into DISD schools. Most importantly, Price's drive and dedication to rid the DISD of the "status quo"--and all-too-often misused "race problems" in Dallas--will give students an opportunity to excel in a community and a state that has vast opportunities for those who apply themselves.

As a 27-year-old white male, I am surely not suggesting we as a community cannot do a better job in progressing toward more positive race relations. We have much to accomplish. However, if the students continue to hear how "bad" race relations are in Dallas, how are they to think differently? I don't believe "the sky is falling"...I believe there is a new, fresh, and exciting horizon ahead for our students, and for us all here in Dallas.

I'm sure there are many smiles out there because of your article.
Michael Denton Jr.
Via Internet

Great article by Julie Lyons. What really hit my button was Ron Price stating "I'm not gonna demoralize another group to promote mine...I'm my own man."

The humanity that ran through that statement cracks open the wall that I have insulated myself with when it comes to feeling empathy toward blacks as a group. I hope he practices what he preaches.

Jeffrey Chern
Via Internet

Many thanks for an insightful review of our new DISD board member. I have been more and more delighted with this gentleman ever since it became possible to oust the lady chosen as Texas' Worst Elected Official.

I doubt the layout of the districts has been the same for the last 23 years, and I will admit to an aggressive get-out-the-vote campaign in the northern end of District 9--but it was amazing how many people had no idea who their school board representative was!

Thankfully, we didn't have pushing and shoving, snatching and snarling in Oak Lawn polling places, but I do believe that Election Day was the very last day of an old way of doing business. I wish Ron Price every success in this new ministry, and hope that others will put aside their grumbles, however petty, and do the same.

P.D. Sterling
Via Internet

I enjoyed your article and believe you are one of the few who seems to understand the small group that has controlled things.

I am the consultant who targeted the mail campaign and one of the phone banks, as well as consulted on the content of the mail pieces. We sent the same mail to everyone in the district--and to the entire district. The pieces that I saw of Kathlyn Gilliam's seemed to be limited to the area south of Haskell, and tried to raise the specter of Anglos buying the race. In our pieces, we stayed focused on a positive message, and I believe that message played to all--black or white--who are tired of the bickering.

Gilliam's forces would probably include me as part of the white establishment who bought the race, but I live in the district and had considered running if no one else did, just so people would have a choice.

The charge about being bought by the establishment is just so much bunk. If they did, they are really cheap--we sent the last mailing on faith and spent the last Tuesday morning before the election calling our friends for commitments so we could send the mail.

Lorlee Bartos
Via Internet

Congratulations on a great article regarding the recent school board election.

Having arrived here several years ago, I have always felt that Dallas was plagued by a small but highly vocal band of rabble-rousers whose main agenda was to "keep the pot boiling," so to speak.

The article was in the fine tradition of Laura Miller. I have no higher praise.

Richard Avery

The Hot Dish photograph in the June 5 issue was credited incorrectly. The photo was taken by Martin Menocal.

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