Alcorn's ignorance
I recently read your article by Ann Zimmerman, "It's Our Turn To Be Heard" [April 17]. I extol the efforts of the Mexican-American community. I applaud the stand that Yvonne Gonzalez, Alfred Carrizales, Adelfa Callejo, and their colleagues have taken. The aggressive position they have seized to represent Mexican-American youth is something to be proud of.

Unfortunately, some of the statements made by Lee Alcorn do not (and I state that emphatically) represent the views of the African-American community with a minute amount of intelligence. "I call them vultures...I don't give a damn about Hispanic children." Alcorn should probably go pick up a few history books and read about the alliances that African-Americans and Mexican-Americans have formed from the dawn of time.

I am African-American, and I am beginning to think that the only prerequisite to becoming a leader in our community is the ability to make ignorant statements--and execute the most incognizant assignments--at the most inopportune time possible. Alcorn's comments are distressing commentary from someone representing a major Dallas organization, the NAACP. If he would focus more of his time trying to educate African-American children, instead of vying for camera shots, the children in the district might advance in the area of learning.

"Viva La Raza" to all of the Mexican-Americans who are trying to show self-reliance and give a positive image to the youth that they exemplify. An old African adage states, "It takes an entire village to raise a child." It is amazing that other people recognize and adhere to this statement more readily than those who coined the phrase.

To the staff writers at the Observer, I would request, to avoid further embarrassment of the African-American community, please do not interview Alcorn. The two "sound bites" that were previously mentioned were more than enough. Who knows what remarks he might make if you give him 4 or 5 pages to spout the absolutely useless rhetoric that he is so effective at articulating.

Name withheld

Up and up
I've been a faithful reader of your publication for a long time, even before it became fashionable. Being an African-American, I've listened to other blacks trash the Observer for being biased in its reporting, and in stories about people of color in this city and just in general. Well, I haven't seen it! To the contrary, it appears to me that the Observer is pretty much on the up-and-up. And in particular I miss Laura Miller, especially in light of the latest scandal(s) at City Hall concerning Al [Lipscomb] and Paul [Fielding].

I enjoyed the piece on Betty Culbreath ["Betty's in Charge," March 27]. Everything I've ever heard about her has always been positive, and that includes your article and the resulting letters.

Colis Johnson

Fish story
I have to disagree with your review of the new downtown restaurant, Fish ["Catch and release," March 13]. I have dined there twice. I tasted some of the items on the menu that your critic seemed to think weren't up to par, or just downright bad. Sorry, I have to disagree with her. The food that was served to me was delightful, the service pleasant, and the waiter knowledgeable. Ms. Critic seemed to have overlooked their signature dish, Green Soup--a big winner. Also, perhaps her hearing was off that night too, because I heard some of the best "bar piano" music in Dallas. I'm sorry she had to present such a dismal review of a delicious newcomer to the Dallas restaurant scene.

Carolyn Lawrence
Via Internet

Give Denton its due
I am a student at the University of North Texas who lives in Denton. I understand that your publication cannot always cover all the news in all of the areas surrounding Dallas. However, I resent your publication taking credit on behalf of Dallas for all of the local music talent. A majority of the bands that you write about--claiming they are from Dallas--are from Denton, Fort Worth, or some other non-Dallas area. Also, the music venues where many of these bands get their start are in Denton, and you never support these venues. As a frequent reader, I would like to see more credit given where credit is deserved.

Amy Younse
Via Internet


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