No justice, no peace
The actions of Justice of the Peace Thomas Jones [Laura Miller columns, May 25, June 1, and June 8] seem to illustrate perfectly the saying, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Sir Dalberg, 1834-1902).

I think his arrogant disregard for justice may warrant his need to experience how it feels to be on the other side of an impartial bench. His actions, in defiance of the law he swore to uphold, demonstrate an attitude of prejudgment that is not within the province of a dispenser of justice. There appears to be a need for Judge Jones to face the legal consequences of his flagrant and arrogant abuse of power.

All the cases he illegally took upon himself to adjudicate should be declared null and void by District Attorney John Vance, state Attorney General Dan Morales, or whoever has the authority to do it.

Kudos to Laura Miller, a fabulous investigative reporter!
Dr. Sydney K. Kay

Patriot games
Your characterization of Patriots as angry white men and "wackos" continues to amuse me ["True believers," May 4]. At every Patriot gathering I attend I see a healthy mix of skin color and genders--people who share three things in common: the love for God, country, and the Constitution.

As a former liberal, I continue to have compassion for the disadvantaged, concern for the environment, and am pro-choice, but liberalism is a fancy word for socialism, and socialism is slowly destroying this country.

The Founding Fathers intentionally crafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to limit the scope of the federal government. As the 10th Amendment indicates, the powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states or to the people. The Founding Fathers understood how corruption festers in centralized forms of government.

I urge everyone to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and see for yourself how far we've gone astray.


Not the Ramones
I would like to respond to a statement in the article on the Mullins, "No frills, no joke" [May 4]. The article stated that Tim Stiles, vocalist for the Mullins, masterminded the "Not the Ramones" phenomenon. Actually, as former manager of Galaxy club, it was my idea to have a Ramones cover night and assemble a band for myself.

The Mullins are one of my favorite new bands--an authentic traditional rock band, in my opinion. I listen to my copy of their demo tape on a very frequent basis.

Scott Prater

Molly's follies
Molly Ivins is illogical and dishonest in her denunciation of the takings bill ["A whorin' we will go," June 8]. All that is necessary to prevent punitive lawsuits is for governments to obey constitutional law.

Of course, this would eliminate most of the U.S. government and a lot of its satellites, state governments. This prospect is something that a totalitarian like Ivins would find unbearable.

One wonders why Ivins has not protested in her column the fact that the Clinton administration wants to use the U.S. military for domestic law enforcement. If this occurred, it would convert the United States into a political unit indistinguishable from Nazism or Communism. Bill Clinton, and his entire administration, should be tried, convicted, and removed from office.

Robert F. Taylor

Last week's cover story, "Tales from the Crypt," incorrectly reported that the Rev. Gregory Spencer's funeral-director and embalming licenses had been suspended by the Texas Funeral Service Commission for two years. The licenses were, in fact, suspended and then immediately probated, and Spencer was allowed to carry on his business as usual--directing funerals and embalming. The only activities from which he was prohibited were hiring new apprentices and supervising apprentices during embalming. The Observer regrets the error.


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