Death of a family
After reading Ann Zimmerman's article on the Krasniqi family ["'Tell Mama why you cry,'" November 17], I was angered and saddened. Of all our variety of stories of injustice these days, this one really wrenched my heart.

After reading Ms. Zimmerman's article carefully and drawing on what I know about our ridiculous child abuse laws, our uncultured officials who uphold these laws, and the Muslim faith and culture, I am convinced, without a doubt, that an over-zealous, paranoid, and--I am afraid--very American group of characters (from Carol Kendall on up to DHS and Judge Gaither), wronged Sam and Kathy Krasniqi. More important, they ruined the lives of Tim and Lima.

Meredith Wunderlich may someday, when she has taken the trouble to educate herself, realize the full extent of the damage she has wreaked on this once normal family. I think she is truly an idiot--a self-righteous one, no doubt, with no fundamental understanding of anything other than America and American customs, or "norms." Being American myself, I take no particular pleasure in saying this.

Judge Gaither was just plain wrong when he took the children away from their mother, who had done nothing (Wunderlich's claim about some silly threat made by Kathy holds no water). Even if such a "threat" was made, it was probably from an exhausted and terrified mother, not from a calculating killer. It was hardly threat enough to completely dislocate two children from their mother. I don't know how he sleeps at night.

DHS and Fred Seale should be held most accountable. The lack of care and follow-up and the pure negligence and prejudice in their handling of this case is an outrage. They had no idea what kind of family they were destroying. Even Winfield Scott conducted his investigation with a degree of pure ignorance (or arrogance) bordering on racism when he referred to Kathy and Sam as "these people" who will stop at nothing to get their way, or some such baloney. He made it seem like it was us--the wholesome, holier-than-thou Americans--versus "these people." And I agree with Marc Richman when he points out that if these children were Christian and about to be adopted by Muslim parents, there would sure as hell be a real stink. In this case, the adoption was almost sped through!

It is truly alarming that in America, two people can have their children stolen from them and converted to a different culture. Life for Sam and Kathy must be hell. I know that these two parents must be aching for their kids, who are strangers to them now.

Way to go, Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. I love the system.

Thank you, Ms. Zimmerman, for reporting this story. I hope it does some good.

Lina Patel

Ann Zimmerman wrote a splendid and heart-wrenching article in "Tell Mama why you cry." One point needed to be touched upon: if a man was going to sexually abuse his children, would he do it sitting in the front row of a high school gym in full view of all the spectators sitting behind him, on either side of him, and facing him on the other side of the gym? If it was truly sexual abuse, the police should have been able to get several hundred witnesses without much difficulty. Did they?

Dr. S. Kay

R.I.P., Dallas Life
What a pity about Dallas Life. I don't believe there is one reader of The Dallas Morning News who believes that twaddle about increasing costs and declining revenues [BeloWatch, November 24].

From the very first "new and improved" Dallas Life, the readers let the honchos at the paper know that we did not like the new Dallas Life and we wanted the old one back, the one we had read and enjoyed for over 20 years. The old Dallas Life had our favorite columnists and one large central story that was of interest to the readers. The New Dallas Life was just a fancied-up advertising supplement and the readers were insulted that they tried to foist this off on us as a better Dallas Life. Who did they think they were kidding?

Maybe now the people in charge will listen to the readers. My grandfather had an expression--"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Good advice then, good advice now.
Jean White


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