Looking Back at Some Other Local Music MTV Moments (Not All Involving the Toadies, Swear)

I see our music blog's celebrating MTV's 30th today by ticking off a few Dallas-music-related moments featured on the former music network over the years. I have since reminded our music editor: I'm old. So old I recall off the top of my bald head a few that were left off the list -- like, say, the time Tripping Daisy hosted 120 Minutes in August '95, with Special Guests the Toadies. Or the time the Toadies performed on Jon Stewart's talk show (I still have a copy of the ginormous VHS cassette-and-case Jeff Liles gave me 16 years ago). Or the time Beavis and Butt-head went after the Toadies.

Back when MTV only played videos (and, according to Gawker , just remembering that makes me old), it was actually quite The Big Deal when local bands got their shot on the network -- most, via 120 Minutes . The 120 Memories Tumblr has quite a few of 'em, including Reverend Horton Heat's "Psychobilly Freakout," which aired in '92, and the Daisy's "I Got a Girl," which went into regular rotation rather quickly following its debut, if memory serves, triggering a tidal wave of envy amongst other local bands. Hagfish was soon to follow.

Another high-water mark: Pantera's '91 appearance on Headbanger's Ball , followed three years later by a daylong hang with Riki Rachtman at Texas Stadium in 1994. Somewhere in the dead-tree archives is my account of that lost afternoon. Oh ... and how about Erykah Badu's 1997 episode of Unplugged ? Can't forget that. Or that night in '95 when MTV broadcast R.E.M.'s Reunion Arena set live; we were sitting close and instructed to act extra excited for the cameras, which, blessedly, only shot the first few songs.

Anyway. I'm no good with top-whatever lists. So jump and watch the aforementioned memories on the other side at your leisure. No doubt I forgot a fe ... oh, I just remembered: In 1989, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians were nominated for Best New Artist at the VMA's. Along with, among others, Paula Abdul. Now that's a video you really oughta see. So let's.

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