Love the Love Field Master Plan? Take a Look for Yourself.

Love the Love Field Master Plan? Take a Look for Yourself.

Busy day at City Hall: Aside from the animal-ownership restrictions under consideration today during the Quality of Life and Government Services Committee's powwow, the Transportation and Environment Committee will take up the discussion of modernizing Love Field Airport, per the Wright Amendment Reform Act of 2006. The city's among the five parties that agreed to the legislation in '06 -- also signing off were, of course, Fort Worth, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and American and Southwest airlines -- and it's on the hook for between $150 and $200 million to bring Love Field up to snuff as the Wright Amendments goes adios completely come 2014.

Don't count on the redo taking shape by then; expect it to happen closer to 2017, as the master plan under discussion today says, "Ability to achieve 2014 completion goal will require a creative approach to development." (The bold type's theirs, not ours.) There are three options on the table thus far, which will run between $357 and $608 million -- and all of which will involve a major overhaul of the West Concourse at the very least. In fact, the so-called Option "C," which the city's favoring at the moment, suggests: "Demolish East, North and West Concourses and replace with new North Concourse with 20 gates." In other words, you're not gonna love Love in coming years, not at all. The master plan goes before the council for approval on May 21. --Robert Wilonsky

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