Mapes to Clinton: Remember the Alamo!

Mapes to Clinton: Remember the Alamo!

Two Huffington Post pieces to point out this a.m.: The first is from Mayhill Fowler, who's on the ground with the Clinton campaign as it skitters across Texas today. Writes Fowler, if Hillary takes Houston, she'll take Texas -- and, yup, has to do with the Latino vote, because Clinton's counting on it, natch. And if she gets it, as expected, she'll have upended past predictors: "Even though 1 out of 5 registered voters in Texas has a Latino surname (asking ethnicity directly isn't permitted), Latino turnout, at least in Harris County, has historically been low," writes Fowler, who also offers this teaser: "Tomorrow: The Obama Campaign Makes a Tactical Error in Houston, and Caucus Rustlers."

Fowler's joined, once again, by Schutze's neighbor Mary Mapes, who moments ago posted this observation about the March 4 primary: "Texans will go to the polls March 4th, exactly 172 years from the day when the Alamo was going down." Yada, yada, yada. "And that has to scare the bejeezus out of Colonel Travis, uh, I mean Senator Clinton." --Robert Wilonsky

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