Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd and the Olympics' Gold Double-Standard

Mark Cuban has weighed in today with his thoughts on "The NBA and the Olympics," which is more or less his original April 2004 post with an additional 322 unedited words added to the beginning. Among them:

Are we sure the Olympics is about patriotism and pride? Or is it about commercialism? Im certaintly not against GE and the US Olympic Team making as much money as they possibly can on the game. More power to them. But lets not lie to ourselves about what is going on.

In related news, there's this today from The Boston Globe concerning tomorrow's official announcement of the USA Basketball team: "As great as [Kobe] Bryant and [LeBron] James are, the most important player in this country's hopes of winning an Olympic gold medal for the first time since 2000 is Jason Kidd." OK then. --Robert Wilonsky


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