Mark Cuban Selects the Hottest Girl in America. Sort Of.

Mark Cuban Selects the Hottest Girl in America. Sort Of.

Had a day off from 105.3 The Fan Wednesday (thank you, Texas Rangers) so - in between writing a Dallas Cowboys-centric Observer cover story that will hit stands September 2 - I caught up on some Tivo.

Daily Show = Good.

Entourage = Better.

True Blood: More better.

Family Guy = Best.

Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, the young, naked hotties!"

Watched the first four or so episodes of Girls Gone Wild: The Search for the Hottest Girl in America on Mark Cuban's HDNet and was appropriately titillated. (It's not girls behind "Wow!" pop-ups like the commercials, but girls totally exposed.) But then I got busy with work and the flashed breasts sorta started running together and looking the same and ... (Wow, did I just write that out loud?)

So I fast-forwarded to the grand finale episode, where cheesy-ish GGW found Joe Francis awarded not a rose, but - far as I could tell - a sash, a T-shirt and a promise for the winner to be nothing more than famous.

My research suggests that there were much hotter candidates - you can see better nightly during timeouts of Mavs' games at AAC - but somehow this girl from New Orleans won the whole shebang.



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