Mark Cuban Takes His "Dancing Pants" To Jimmy Kimmel's Show

Go figure: Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban gots the boot from Dancing With the Stars last night, and Donald Trump's mighty proud of his long-time nemesis. Seriously -- so sayeth no less a source than Access Hollywood, to whom The Donald said of Cuban's hoofin': “I think he did a great job. “Look, this is me speaking, I think he did a great job and I think it took a lot of guts.” Next thing you know, Wick Allison and Jim Schutze will take a kayak trip together down the Trinity River.

Best part of gettin' kicked off the show: You have to do your exit interview on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Says Mr. Silverman of Cuban's dancin' togs: "That's like what a baby would wear." Genius. --Robert Wilonsky


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