Matthew Stafford > Josh Hamilton

Matthew Stafford > Josh Hamilton

Former Highland Park star and Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had himself quite the summer bash recently. Girls in bikinis. Dirty dancing. Some sort of beverages in those same red cups that I serve alcohol in at my pool parties.

Who knows, maybe whipped cream made a cameo at some point.

But you know why these pics - on the same site that first posted the photos of Josh Hamilton's infamous night - aren't a big deal?

*Because Stafford doesn't go around making his "personal savior" a very public story (would you believe a 1,900-word feature and not a single "God"?).

*Because Stafford doesn't profit from his amazing Jesus-fueled tale of recovery and redemption.

*And, mostly, because Stafford's forthcoming about his partying. (Oh yeah, also because he ain't married.)

Just a talented, wealthy athlete who likes to have fun.

In a word: Refreshing.


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