Mavs in HD and 3D!

Mavs in HD and 3D!

This morning, many photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo snapped during the Mavs' loss to the Lakers at the AAC are making the virtual rounds -- like this one and this one, among others. But this one? The best, no question.

Speaking of the Mavs, sort of, the team sends word that on March 25, some lucky 100 MFFLs will be invited to the Magnolia Theatre in the West Village for "the first-ever NBA regular-season game live in 3D HD." As in: "An invitation-only audience will watch unforgettable images through special 3D glasses using Sony’s SXRD 3D Projection System on an 18x42-foot screen." Register here for the chance -- but, really, the Clippers? --Robert Wilonsky

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