Mayor Mike Rawlings Offers American Airlines and Its Employees His "Emotional Support"

Over the course of the day a few items have rolled in related to American Airlines and AMR's Chapter 11 filing this morning. Among them: A Q&A from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport about how the bankruptcy might but probably won't affect the airport (it follows in full); and a statement from DFW CEO Jeff Fegan, who says, "We at DFW are confident that our airport's very low cost structure and our excellent operating environment will represent a solid foundation for future American Airlines operations here." Then, moments ago, we got this from Dallas City Hall: a statement from Mayor Mike Rawlings. It reads, in full:

"This is an important day because American Airlines is an important part of our DFW family. It is always tough to make the right decisions but American Airlines leadership did the right thing; I believe they will emerge as a stronger and more competitive company for it. I am confident they will continue to provide the professional service to our region and DFW Airport will be stronger in the long haul. And to the thousands of AMR employees and retirees, we offer our emotional support to each of you."

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