Wonder what this could mean?
Wonder what this could mean?
Dallas Observer

Mayor Rawlings Hires PR Firm

Mike Rawlings has hired Laurey Peat + Associates, a Dallas-based public relations firm to handle media relations for the mayor's office. The firm replaces Sam Merten, the mayor's previous manager of public affairs and communications, who left the office on September 19 to make a run for the District 9 city council seat that Sheffie Kadane will vacate next year.

"We hired Laurey Peat and Associates for their vast experience and working knowledge of the media. They have a strong understanding of the mayor's office and City Hall operations," Rawlings said in a press release.

Laurey Peat worked with Rawlings and the City of Dallas on last year's JFK 50th anniversary remembrance.

We can only speculate as to what this means with regard to Rawlings potential second term as mayor, but it should be noted that his hiring of Laurey Peat comes in early October and Rawlings has announced that he will decide on whether or not to seek re-election sometime this fall.


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