Mazel Tov to Our Local Billionaires!

Mazel Tov to Our Local Billionaires!

Forbes has just released its latest list of "The World's Billionaires," all 1,125 of 'em -- 42 of whom live in Texas. And it takes all of 29 spots to get to the first local: Fort Worth's Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton, who's worth all of $19 billion. Then you gotta drop all the way down to No. 136 on the list before coming across Dallas' most famous hostile-takeoverer Harold Simmons, worth an estimate $6.9 billion -- with his value goin' up and up, says the mag.

Then follows the list of usual suspects: folks with last names like Rowling, Bass, Perot, Hunt, Bonderman, Pickens, Cuban, Beal, Wagner, Jones, Hicks, Troutt and Wyly, among other bold-faced types. At the bottom of the billionaires' barrel, locally, is 85-year-old Elizabeth Ann Hall Reid, at No. 1062. Turns out, being a Hallmark heir makes you worth a mere billion dollars. Wonder what she puts inside her grandkids' birthday cards. --Robert Wilonsky

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