McDavid's $316 Million Win Is a Lot of Bones. Isn't That Right, Widetrack?

Back in October, we mentioned that local car man David McDavid was suing Turner Broadcasting Systems for $450 million, claiming that way back in 2003, TBS screwed him over plenty big. Because, see, McDavid thought he'd all but closed a deal with TBS to buy the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers, as well as Philips Arena. But TBS, at the last second, went with another buyer -- a group that happened to include, ahem, Ted Turner's son-in-law. Which infuriated the former Dallas Mavericks' co-owner (with Ross Perot Jr. -- oh, those were good times); hence, the legal matter, baby.

Well, today in an Atlanta courtroom, a jury ruled in McDavid's favor -- to the sum of $316$281 million. (Note: The original story had the figure at $316 million.) TBS will likely appeal. But, for now, Widetrack's owner is plenty pleased: "We're glad that a jury of 12 Georgians saw the validity of our claim. To us, it was never about the money, it was about the principle." Course it was. --Robert Wilonsky


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