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Better than the evil clown: McDonald's served a rat—so what? ("I Smell a McRat," by Richie Whitt, November 23.) It's only marginally more disgusting than their usual slop and possibly better for the customer and the environment because rats aren't pumped full of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, don't require the clearing of rainforests to graze on, and no one is losing hands or fingers by trying to keep up with the slaughter line and skinning living, struggling animals. You present the rat like a bad thing, but all things considered, seems like an improvement from the evil clown.

J. Natowitz



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Feeling distracted: In "I Smell a McRat," Richie Whitt wrote, "It's at this point you'd expect to hear from Todd, the assertive, animated passing game coordinator for America's Team. If he can regularly go nose-to-nose with Terrell Owens, surely Ronald McDonald's going to be a pushover. Except that Todd is between a rat and a hard place. He works for Bill Parcells, an old-school coach who hates modern-age distractions, especially high-profile lawsuits."

If Parcells doesn't like distractions, what the hell is he doing with T.O. in the first place?

Jessica Perry


You get what you pay for: I am not a McD's fan. If I had a dog I wouldn't feed it food from McD's. One thing that does come to my mind is this. Considering that Chrissy Haley is a supposedly wealthy person, why on earth would she feed her children at McD's given that their food is low-quality on its best days, rat in the salad notwithstanding? Also, the assertion that this could not be a hoax because "the lid was open less than 10 seconds before she and [Katy] Kelley began eating" is weak. Who is witness to these facts, Chrissy and the conveniently out-of-town Kelley?

Americans are constantly seeking high-quality food at a low price, so off to McD's they go. The saying about you get what you pay for applies with McD's, rat in the salad or no.

Stephen Potter


The Last Days

Terry Hornbuckle, called by God: I feel horrible that someone would write an article almost in mockery of the church ("The Reverend Freak," by Andrea Grimes and Stephanie Morris, September 21). This pastor/bishop has a serious problem, both spiritual and mental. It is the church's job to go before the throne of God on his behalf and not try to judge or condemn him. I pray for the day where there will be a place where men and women of God can go and confess that they need help. As we can see, worldly counselors are not able to help him. He needs someone that understands that he is in a spiritual attack. I do confess, he should be banned from the pulpit, but I believe, just as the Apostle Paul, when he goes into the prison his anointing to preach the gospel will go with him and he will yet win other souls to Christ. Contrary to our beliefs, the Word says, "For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance." For these are the last days and this is only prophecy revealed.


Raleigh, North Carolina

Smart Doggies

Man's best friend: Jim, great story ("Going to the Dogs," by Jim Schutze, November 23), but please don't say dogs are stupid. If it were pitch-dark in one of those alleys along Gaston, would you rather be with your dog or a rocket scientist? Keep up the good work.

Barry Annino


Margaret, Phone Home

The Democrats welcome you: As revealed by your story "Accidental Victors" (by Matt Pulle, November 16), it appears that we straight-party Democrats have ousted the well-qualified, pro-environment Republican Margaret Keliher. That is a shame, but the real problem is that she aligned herself with the party that doesn't share her values, presumably to ride the wave of pro-Republican sentiment years ago. Ms. Keliher should remember the phrase "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

As to whether straight-ticket voting is justified, I say yes it is. A candidate's party affiliation signifies a lot more than whether he/she will wear red or blue to the office. Historically, there has been a clear difference between the voting tendencies of Democratic and Republican officials, and straight-party voters are willing to suffer the occasional "accidental victor" in exchange for an overall shift to a new direction. Ms. Keliher, please come home to the Democratic Party; we will welcome you with open arms.

Holly Hunter


Chain of Fools

Cheesy chain letter: I picked up my copy of this week's Dallas Observer at a Kroger in Garland. Inside was what appeared to be a chain letter. I went back to the rack the next day and found the same letter in other copies of the Observer. How the heck does a chain letter get in the Observer?

Mike Stanfill


Editor's note: Publisher Stuart Folb explains: "We received a copy of the proposed insert for the week of November 23, and it was approved. The content of the approved insert was for a moneymaking program with a six-month money-back guarantee. The client, however, sent an alternate insert to our press, and it was mistakenly inserted without approval."


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