Robyn O'Neill

Meet the First DeGolyer Grant Winner to Appear on Howard Stern's Show

I haven't listened to Howard Stern in, oh, probably a decade; didn't help when he moved to satellite radio. Which explains why I missed last week's appearance from Houston-based visual artist Robyn O'Neil, a former Dallas resident who, in 1999, was awarded a DeGolyer Grant from the Dallas Museum of Art, which also featured her work in the 2003 exhibition Come Forward: Emerging Art in Texas.

Turns out, the Texas A&M University-Commerce grad is a big fan of the show: "I've been a listener since Howard hit the Dallas airwaves," she tells Boston Globe arts writer Geoff Edgers. "I was fourteen, living in a conservative suburb. I was a tame, sexually frightened Catholic kid, but somehow The Stern Show appealed to me." Apparently, she did a little something-something on the show that briefly made her an Interwebs sensation -- like, um, lifting her shirt to reveal her bra? Shocking! --Robert Wilonsky


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