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"Bushwhacked," by Jim Schutze, June 5

Methodist Madness

I am pleased that Mr. Schutze has written about this very painful issue. I have lived in Dallas most of my life and am filled with shame every time I think about a library being built here to honor a presidency that has done such harm to our Constitution and committed so many crimes against humanity.



I call on the Methodists to please stop this madness now!

Maureen Jones, Dallas

"The Man Who Would Be King" by Jesse Hyde, June 12

Get With the Times

Although he must be respected for his past post in the MLK revolution, Peter Johnson aka Saltpeter was not a relevant source of opinion in this story. All he ever does is berate black progressives and protect those who are sedentary enough to allow him to muse about his glory days.

Our church edifice has a conference center that serves as an alternative to high-priced hotels that give nothing back to this community. Our children are exposed to education and opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to. Ask the kids who get scholarships or those families who have transitioned from the Katrina experience because of Reverend Freddie Haynes' leadership. If you wanted to quote a preacher, you should have used Reverend Ike. He said, "The best thing you can do to help the poor is not be one of them." And that may explain why Peter Johnson is always standing outside looking in while several other black pastors are making strides. It's about justice and liberation. It's not about sitting on the laurels of a movement that once was. Peter Johnson said [the church building is a] "vulgar, even sinful" investment. What's vulgar and sinful is that Dallas Observer continues to use him as a revered source.

Vincent Hall, via

"Buzz: Rethinking Pink" by Patrick Williams, June 12


1) I know that I have stopped using the tollways on my way to and from work, but that is due to them being so congested that it doesn't make sense for me to use them. 2) Elk are not located in ANWR. Those are caribou.

Tim Covington, via

"Hardballs" by Jim Schutze, June 12

You'll Never Swim Alone

Mr. Betz is certainly not alone!

I used to live at the corner or Peak/Elm (where the garage is actually located). In May of '95 the city had heavy rain causing multiple floods. The water was 3.5 feet deep on Elm due to the construction style of said garage. The engineers involved in my lawsuit discovered the exact problems found by Mr. Betz.

After three years of being deluged (again) by DART's legal posse—endless pages of discovery, etc.—I finally gave up and settled for peanuts.

The garage is still standing and still causing flooding. At the time, DART went in (after the fact) and spent millions repairing their garage (the weight of the water running down the ramps cracked them). They also spent more money modifying the ground floor and back wall to alleviate the problem. Sounds like they failed there also.

They know what they've done with that garage and don't give a shit! They know they've broken the law and don't give a shit. They basically don't give a shit about the citizens that pay their salaries. The administration of DART needs to be replaced by people who serve the interests of the people, not their own.

Thom Stayart, Dallas

"Who Is Mr. Sensitivity?" by Darryl Smyers, June 12

Mood Music

I've been a Corey Smith fan since he played at my high school graduation in 2006. I love all of his stuff from "If I Could Do It Again" and "Twenty-One" to "The Good Life" and "Stand Our Ground." He's got a song for any mood you're in at the time. I just wish he got more radio play!

Jason, via


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