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"You Call This Progress?" by Sam Merten, January 8

Money for Nothing

I went to see the [Trinity] Outlook last week. I was stunned. Every taxpayer in the city should stop by to see how the city has spent our $136,000,000 and counting—you would have thought that we would have gotten some trash pickup and maybe even a few walking trails.


Trinity Outlook

DB From Dallas, via

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"Blown Over," by John Nova Lomax, January 8

Attention Must be Paid

We can only hope that more articles like this will bring some much-needed attention to our fellow Texans in Galveston and Bolivar. Apparently not everyone values the rich history that this part of our state holds. We can only hope that more of Texas will come to the aid of those in need, since it's obvious that our state tragedy is not high on FEMA's list.

H. E. Barrera, via

"In the Belly of the Beast," by Dianna Wray

Free at Last

You got off lucky in Carrollton. I once had to get bonded out of there, and it took like 36 hours after I had paid all the bonds. The lawyer I spoke to told me the two worst cities to deal with are Highland Park and Carrollton. I once got picked up for a ticket from Dallas. [I] got arrested in Carrollton. I spent the night in jail there. Dallas picked me up at 12 p.m. and released me at 2 p.m. I asked why the hell I spent the night in jail, and the DPS officer asked where I got arrested. I told him Carrollton, and he laughed and said, "That's why."

Brookes Smith, Carrollton

"The Prodigal Son Returns," by Jim Schutze, January 8

Welcome Home, George

What makes you think that President Bush would give a rat's ass what you think about him, Jim? Now if we were talking about Carter moving here, that would be cause for concern. By the way, Interstate 10 West will get you to California.

PlanoDave, via

I've been thinking about what I'll do when I cross paths with W in Dallas too. I know that the words "war criminal" will be a big part of my response. I am hoping he and Cheney will be tried and convicted quickly and spare our community tensions over how to treat these villains.

Gangy From Dallas, via

The American taxpayers pay the Secret Service to protect ex-presidents from shoes and other embarrassments like this (unfortunately) true article. One could start a Home Depot conversation with a question like, "Where DID you spend the Vietnam War?" W. liked to give people nicknames. That's your opportunity. How much will he be charging for his motivational speeches? Will Laura have the courage to help him rehearse? It took her eight years to teach him to read at third-grade level. Will the visiting crowds be pro or con W.? Should be fun.

Bob from San Diego, via

I think Jim brings up a lot of good points. The problem is with perception. Bush moving to Dallas is like having a staged cattle drive through downtown daily or tumbleweeds dropped by the truckload on city streets or asking all residents to wear 10-gallon hats. It perpetuates a stereotype that cripples the city's ability to move forward. By the way, I've heard the "Move to California" bit enough. I live in a city that overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama and has been blue since the 2006 election.

Jake from Dallas, via

The saddest part of all this, for me, is realizing that I live in just about the ONLY city in the United States that would welcome G.W. Bush with open arms. It's sickening. If I saw him in Home Depot, I'd probably just hand him a box full of screws and tell him, "Just returning the favor."

Matt From Dallas, via

This was the most hilarious, yet truthful, column from Schutze. I rejoice that living in the depths of East Texas, I shall likely never encounter Shrub, but in the event that I do on one of my pilgrimages to Jimmy's, I'll carry an extra pair of the very shoes I used to muck out the cow's stall.

Martha McSweeney, via

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