Mr. Watkins Goes to Washington

On Saturday night, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins sent word that he's been invited to A Very Special Holiday Party -- this Tuesday, matter of fact. (Although the missive, as you'll see below, says December 17.) At least the location's certain: the White House. And per the letter that landed in the Unfair Park in-box, Watkins will use the opportunity to pass along messages from Dallas voters to the president and First Lady ... or the kids. Here's the letter sent from his campaign:

Dear Friends and Supporters --

I want you to be the first to know that I have been invited to a Holiday Reception at the White House. The President and Mrs. Obama have invited me to join them on Tuesday, December 17. Please take the time to add me as a friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, where I will be providing pictures and status updates on my trip to Washington, D.C.

Maybe you have a great question for me to ask President Obama, Michelle, Malia or Sasha?


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