My 2010 Winter Olympics Preview

My 2010 Winter Olympics Preview

Look, I took time Friday afternoon to build a snowman and go sled-bounding down a hill. Done with winter.

How long 'til Spring Break?

I actually turned on the TV Sunday afternoon to see which was more boring: The Winter Olympics or Daytona 500. Auto racing was on hold because of a pothole and NBC's Olympics were actually showing Biathlon - dudes cross-country skiing for miles and every once in a while stopping to shoot a rifle.

Who does this?

Hockey. Curling. Figure skating. Meh. It all seems so pointless after a party-filled NBA weekend that sets the table for the 30-game run to the playoffs.

But if you insist I squak about the Winter Olympics, here's my preview ...

Sasha Cohen is hot.

And nice.

What's that? Cohen didn't make the team and doubts the U.S. women will win a medal. Wow. Next thing you know someone will die from sliding down ice on his back too fast.


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