My Advice to Cowboys' Receiver Roy Williams

Catch the ball.

Shut your mouth.

It's really not that difficult.

Cowboys' receiver Roy Williams is becoming a Terrell Owens starter kit, in every way. First he dropped what should have been a touchdown pass in last week's win over Carolina. And now he's questioning his role on the team.

Oh boy. Prepare to cringe.

"I do not know what my role is," Williams said. "I'm just trying to help this team win, whether it's catching the ball, whether it's blocking downfield, whether it's whatever the game is calling for. My role is to ... make plays, whether it's in the run or pass game, I'm guessing."

Roy, you guessed right.

The Cowboys, if you haven't noticed, in are the midst of an identity transformation. They rushed for 200 yards in consecutive games for the first time since 1979. They're averaging three more rushing attempts than last year. Tight end Jason Witten has 19 catches; receivers Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Williams have combined for 19.

It's official, the Cowboys are a running team.

Part of this is, of course, because Williams doesn't have the speed to get behind defenses. He caught four passes against the Panthers, the first time in 13 games here that he grabbed more than three.

So what is Williams' role? Block when asked, and catch when thrown to. Concentrate on TDs, not T.O.


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