Naked Man on John Carpenter Freeway Billboard Stops Traffic. Ya Think?

Our own Elaine Liner had a whole different flavor of Theater Jones moments ago on southbound John Carpenter Freeway near the Regal Row exit -- right across the street from The Fan's HQ, matter of fact. (And, no, it wasn't Richie, far as I know.) As she remains stuck in traffic, I'll let her explain whilst I dictate:

So, there was a naked man on top of the Baylor billboard -- the one that says, "A stroke almost took my life. Baylor saved it." A couple of witnesses said they saw drug needles under the billboard, so, obviously, he was out of his mind. He was waving his arms around -- crazy.

But four, five cops went up a fireman's ladder and talked him down. He was buck-naked. He's in the ambulance now -- young guy with a crazy Mohawk. He's been handcuffed. But it was quite the performance -- more of a performance art piece. And people were yelling from their cars: "Jump! Jump!" One lady yelled, "Shoot him! I've been trying to get to Starbucks for 30 minutes!" That, by the way, is a direct quote. You can't write better dialogue than that. Ugh. People.

The freeway just reopened. (Update: CW33, which offices near the scene, has this picture.)

Update 2: CW33 also has the video after the jump, along with a recap from two KDAF-TV interns.


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