Near Austin, the First Lawsuit Filed Over School Districts' Raptor Scanner

Schutze has already mentioned what a big fan he is of the Raptor scanner recently installed at Dallas Independent School District HQ on Ross Ave., along with a handful of other district campuses. The point of the device, which scans a person's driver's license before they're allowed in the building, is to check for registered sex offenders. But, wrote Jim, "In a school district with a huge immigrant population, background checks at the schoolhouse door are going to keep a hell of a lot of parents away from the door, which is not a good thing.

An Austin-area couple agrees: This morning comes word that Yvonne and Larry Meadows have sued the Lake Travis school district over the Houston-made device, claiming it violates their constitutional rights -- "including freedom to associate with their children at school and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure." And, no, they're not registered sex offenders. --Robert Wilonsky


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