Need Some Military-Issue Gas Masks? Because Dallas County Has a Whole Lot It Can't Use.

Opening bid on these babies is $5 ... for the whole lot.
Opening bid on these babies is $5 ... for the whole lot.
Dallas County/Lone Star Auctioneers

'Round the office we spent the last little while debating what we could do with 75 M17AZ gas masks, which Dallas County put up for auction this morning. Fetish club apparel? Food critic disguise? HYDRA Halloween costumes? Right now they're goin' for cheap: $5 opening bid for the whole lot, but that's with two full weeks left to go. I called 'round to some of the local Army Navy stores, and word is the classic mask -- originally issued by the Army in the late 1950s and updated shortly after -- goes for around $40, $50 apiece in good condition. So, something to keep an eye on, even if they're not intended for use by civilians. Like that'll stop you.

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