Never say die

Never say die: The last time Buzz wrote about Dallas Blog Queen Sharon Boyd's lawsuit against Dallas school board member Joe May (August 5, 2004), we compared her to the Terminator, an unstoppable force unfazed by any roadblock as she pursues her cause.

Man, we nailed that one.

Boyd had accused May of contributing more than the law allowed to the city council campaign of Steve Salazar, whom Boyd opposed in the 2003 elections. May, whose contribution to Salazar was in the form of fliers endorsing him, died February 10 with the suit still going, but if you think a little thing like mortality is going to stop Boyd...well, let's just say Inspector Javert has nothing on her.


Sharon Boyd

Buzz called Boyd last week to see what she plans to do. She wouldn't talk on the record but did confirm that she's going to continue suing May even though he's drawn the veil. She's going after his estate for unspecified damages and (probably most important) attorney's fees.

"This case is a lot more than a technical violation of campaign contribution limits law, and the fact that Joe May died doesn't change how important it is," Boyd's attorney, James Murphy, says. What Boyd said in 2004, Murphy reiterated this week: It's not the money. Election rules are rules. Change them if you don't like them, but obey them in any case.

May's lawyer, Domingo Garcia, has a slightly different take: "I think she has a mean-spirited, vindictive side." Garcia seemed surprised when Buzz told him of Boyd's plan; he says he doesn't even know if May, who left neither wife nor children, but lots of cats, even had an estate. In any case, May had brought a counterclaim against Boyd alleging her suit was frivolous, and Garcia said he'd love to get Boyd vs. the dead man before a jury.

May, who had a dubious reputation as a campaign consultant collecting absentee votes, was an intelligent rascal, and try as we might, the Dallas Observer was never able to smoke out any illegality in his methods. Knowing him, though, he's probably happy he's still stirring the pot from six feet under. Buzz has some legal advice, though, for people like Salazar who are still on the dirty end of Boyd's suit. They need to say, "Your honor, I cannot tell a lie. It was all that damned Joe May's fault."


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