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Seems like you might expect Peter Lesser's landlord to know who Lesser is--one of the pricklier in-your-face lawyers in the city. If a landlord knew that, maybe the landlord wouldn't make the mistake of sending a security guard to his office to push him around.

Apparently, the Gaedeke Group, managers of the building at 2501 Oak Lawn Ave. where Lesser has his offices, knew none of this, so last week a uniformed security person showed up to order Lesser to remove a poster from his door that said, "Don't Privatize Social Security." The guard said another tenant had complained.

"He starts saying, 'The sign has to come down,'" Lesser explains. "I said, 'Bullshit.' He said something about management." At that point Lesser responded with a copulative expletive.

Lesser told Buzz the sign was not a major statement. It was something he had brought back from a recent meeting with the Teamsters Union only because he thought it was "a pretty sign."

After the visit, however, Lesser and his staff accented the glass doors at both the front and back with anti-George Bush material, borrowed from what he says is a fairly major collection. "I have lots of anti-George Bush stuff decorating the office, my desk, my door. I have a picture of George Bush and monkeys, and all the different poses where the monkey and George Bush look the same."

The battle escalated until the landlord, with security in tow, arrived with a copy of the lease and a specific provision barring Lesser from affixing anything to a window or outer door. (A spokeswoman for the building's managers told us that no one complained about what Lesser's signs said; they just didn't like them stuck on the glass.)

So Lesser bought a large easel. If you want to see his Social Security sign and his anti-George Bush material, it is now on display on the easel, clearly visible through the glass at the front of his office.

So is this just another piddling excuse for Buzz to indulge in a little Bush bashing? Not exactly. It's actually our way of announcing that the Dallas Observer is relocating its offices in August. We're moving from downtown to the seventh floor of a building at--you guessed it--2501 Oak Lawn Ave.

Yeah, we're gonna fit right in there.


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