Newsweek Goes House-Hunting, So Laura Bush Doesn't Have To

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Newsweek's "web exclusive" about George and Laura Bush's house-hunting in Dallas just went online. A highlight among many:

Agents say that when Mrs. Bush checks out a listing, the agent who has the listing is asked to vacate the premises, and soon afterward a big black Suburban pulls up to the door.

The story breaks down George and Laura's choices to four parts of town: Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow or Bluffview, all of which are, like, totally surprising ! Alas, the story's author, Daniel McGinn, who wrote House Lust: America's Obsession With Our Homes and clearly digs Dallas Dirt , is really hot on this house at 5140 Seneca Drive in Bluffview, which is pictured above.

But if that doesn't work out:

Dave Perry-Miller, a Dallas broker with an office in Preston Center who specializes in upscale properties, says he has two properties in the $3 million to $6 million range that aren't listed on the open market but would be quite suitable for the Bushes.

Here's a list of available houses in the DFW , should none of those other options pan out. --Robert Wilonsky

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